Forum Title: L&N Services INC Closes; Owes Inspectors $1 Million +
So I have not seen any news in trade publications about this. Some inspectors personally lost tens of thousands of dollars across the U.S. and maybe Hawaii and Alaska. No one knows if they are filing bankruptcy as they return no calls and have made no effort to contact the hundreds of inspectors doing work for them. The website is down so if you had claims I hope you made copies. I'd contact the manufacturers that you did claims for to see if you can recoup some funds. Luckily I only got dinged for $750. First time in my career I have lost money by swindlers. I would hope the manufacturers step up and help the inspectors that have been providing them claims reports for many
Category: Flooring Post By: SUSAN GARCIA (Santa Monica, CA), 03/20/2019

Sorry to hear that E . Selva told me when i first started to get paid up front . I don't trust anyone .

- JEANETTE WADE (Idaho Falls, ID), 04/03/2019

Well I think they're move to Texas was orchestrated because of texas bankruptcy laws. Those people were gamblers, living high on the hog from what I hear and robbing Peter to pay Paul. Just like GC's do. I was leary and stopped for awhile because of slow payments. Then Matt calls and begs but I put them on a leash, no inspections unless last month was paid up. So they got me for one month.

- BYRON DANIEL (Manchester, NH), 03/31/2019

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