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I'm looking to replace an existing vinyl sheet floor in a bathroom in a seasonal home that is unheated in the winter. I'd like to use a loose lay vinyl sheet for both ease of installation and it seems logical to me that allowing it to expand/contract freely would be best given the extreme temperature range to which it will be exposed. Right now I'm looking at USG's Fiberock underlayment for this project. I'm aware that most vinyl sheet manufacturers have a low temp limit of 50F or so and have been told that the issue is with the product becoming brittle and cracking. Not sure how true that is but there is no foot traffic in the winter so I'm hoping that's not an issue. I'm looking for some general advice in terms of whether this plan makes sense or if there are better material choices that will stand up to the unconditioned environment.
Category: Flooring Post By: VELMA MCLAUGHLIN (Temple, TX), 03/17/2019

As a guess from far away at the bottom of the world where we don't get really cold temps if the vinyl you now have down has lasted X amount of years any new vinyl should last at least the same amount of time

- LISA MARTINEZ (Syracuse, NY), 04/27/2019

Yeah, that makes sense, but I wouldnt say the existing floor has really 'lasted'. I think the underlayment is the issue but I dont really know since I havent ripped it up yet. However, the floor in general is full of bubbles/soft spots so its either pulling away from the underlayment, or the underlayment is badly warped/swollen, or both (likely). I dont know this for a fact but I think this vinyl is probably glued down, based on the fact that it's probably 30+ years old. This area does occasionally flood, and so it's possible the subfloor and maybe underlayment has been partially submerged once or twice in its lifetime. I'm sure there is no perfect solution given the extremes, but I'm trying to replace with something that will last under these conditions. Or, worst case, be easy to repair/replace (added benefit of the loose lay).

- PATRICIA JOHNSON (La Habra, CA), 04/15/2019

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